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Welcome to my Fantasy Football competition for the English Premier Season 2023/2024.

All matches played in the FA Premier League season 2023/24 and the FA Cup 2023/24 competition will count from Friday 11th August 2023 until and including the final matches in the FA Premier League and FA Cup 2023/24 competitions.
There have been 45 entries this year, resulting in a total winnings fund of £1,785.
This will consist of:-
The winning prize is £350
2nd place gets £190
3rd place gets £130
A Premier League finish will win you a range from £100 to £40.
There will also be a £30 prize for the team that finishes top of the Championship, & £20 for League 1 & £10 for League 2.
No other payments this year other than stated above.
There will also be £20 winnings for the highest scorer each month (10 months in total).
As stated in the rules, this year there will also be a separately run Cup competition, where exactly in line with FA Cup time teams will be randomly drawn against each other and the highest score on a particular week will see the winning team progress to the next round.
£60 will go to the winner of this competition and £30 runner up.
Also, this year sees the continuation of the Golden Boot competition, whereby the winner of this will earn themselves £60 and the runner-up £30.
Finally, there will also be a prize for the team with the highest weekly score a the end of the season, this will gain them a £30.

Please see the Rules link for the Full Rules.
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